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Get serious about ESG.


We bring together our Web3 technology-based ecosystem to deliver integrated solutions that create digital ESG assets.


We deliver verifiable, standardized social impact data to conclusively establish your program's effectiveness.


Fighting to find funding for your ESG initiatives? Let us show you creative and innovative ways to finance projects.

We create digital assets, new economic models & trusted markets.


Our proprietary process for generating high-quality digital assets provides our customers with the resources they need to implement a world-class ESG program.

Converting trusted data into ESG value.

We help companies use new economic models to drive real solutions to sustainability problems by leveraging ESG assets.

Using an innovative solution called the ESG Value WebTM, we leverage Web3 technologies to help organizations create, certify, capture, and convert digital ESG assets into real value to address their plastic, methane, carbon, and energy problems—quickly and effortlessly.

We do more than simply quantify or report our customers’ ESG challenges. Our mission is to meet these challenges head-on, delivering real-world solutions with sustainable impact and helping organizations self-fund their most ambitious SDG initiatives.

We create digital assets, new economic models, and trusted markets.

What are Value Webs?

Our ESG Value WebsTM

are purposeful engagements

where contributors are actual participants in a collaborative ecosystem of symbiotic relationships that form new value threads and markets. We create coordinated networks of individuals, enterprises, solutions & customers that generate value for all contributors. 

Trust equals value.

  • 01 All-in-One Platform
  • 02 Prescriptive Guidance
  • 03 ESG Truth
  • 04 Scope 1, 2, and 3
  • 05 More Than Just the "E"

We are the ESG "easy button"

The world is lost in the complexity of ESG. 

DevvESG offers a comprehensive, one-stop shop for ESG, delivering an open platform that connects all of the players in the ESG space onto a single source of ESG truth, guides them through projects, and turns cost centers into profit centers—all built on the world's only ISO-compliant green blockchain, DevvX.



The guidance you need to get serious about ESG



The world’s first open platform and verifiable source of truth for ESG data and tokens

DevvESG delivers the world’s first open platform and verifiable source of truth for ESG data and tokens—and importantly, we link that data to real projects and assets. The result? We ensure that all parties in the ESG ecosystem—investors, regulators, third-party ratings providers, and more—have access to authentic and verifiable data, providing a common source of truth for ESG.



We've got you covered

No matter your focus, our software has the tools to achieve your goals. Just getting started? We'll guide you through a baseline analysis and address the areas that impact your organization the most. Further along in your journey? We have coverage for Scope 1, 2, and 3 initiatives and projects, as well as advanced reporting tools that satisfy the strictest disclosure requirements.

DevvESG takes you all the way from corporate and city projects through your entire supply chain and vendors to employees and citizens.



Positively impact your community and the world, while ensuring strong governance

ESG is about more than just environmental impact.

The DevvESG platform will guide you through initiatives and projects that deliver powerful social impact—with measurable results. Make the world a better place for those who really need it.

When it comes to governance, DevvESG is powered by the DevvX blockchain framework, which means that data on our platform is protected and delivered where it needs to be, how it needs to be, and when it needs to be, every time. Built-in corporate reporting helps to ensure that all stakeholders have access to transparent and trustworthy information they can act on. 



For More Information

To learn more about the DevvESG platform, or to discuss how we can help guide your organization through the process of implementing a world-class ESG program, please contact Devvio's ESG team: (