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The AIR Methodology


Our AIR methodology provides the philosophical framework for all of our ESG software products.

Three distinct phases designed to help organizations and municipalities move effortlessly through the ESG process. Anyone can benefit, whether you’re at the beginning stages or far along in your ESG journey.

  • Determine your GhG impact
  • Receive a baseline DevvESG score
  • See how you rank against peers
  • See how your upstream and downstream supply chains are performing
  • Determine your social impact standing including diversity and inclusion (D&I)
  • Connect to your data sources (systems and devices) to import data for analysis and planning
  • Get an action plan describing how to improve your ESG score and reduce GhG emissions
  • Engage your supply chain to take action on reducing your Scope 3 impact
  • Gain insight into your social impact and receive an improvement plan
  • Engage in guided initiatives and projects with full data integration
  • Purchase credits and RECs to offset your current usage
  • Issue standardized ESG reports in worldwide industry-standard formats (MSCI, CDP, SASB, Arabesque, Bloomberg ESG, etc.)
  • Create reports for your corporate stakeholders with linked live dashboards illustrating your progress
  • Subscribe to updated and historical ESG reports
  • Reflect environmental assets and liabilities on your corporate balance sheet

Where are you in your ESG journey?

You may be ready for an initial analysis

Or have you moved beyond analysis and you're looking for ways to improve

Is your main concern reporting

No matter your starting point, our software can help you navigate your ESG journey with an easy-to-use interface that removes the guesswork and complexity from every step.

Ready to see our software in action?

Our DevvESG software guides you through every stage.


Calculate your current risk profile including your carbon footprint and ESG score in the Analyze phase, connect to groundbreaking projects and directly purchase high-quality offset credits in the Improve phase, and fulfill mandatory disclosure requirements in the Report phase, with complete data security and provenance guaranteed by the only ISO-compliant green blockchain in existence.

The result? A better baseline analysis of your current ESG performance, better guidance on how to make improvements, better tools to share progress with key stakeholders, and better access to authenticated datasets for companies, cities, investors, regulators, third-party ratings providers, and more—all backed by the world’s first open platform and verifiable source of truth for ESG data and tokens

  • 01 Analyze
  • 02 Improve
  • 03 Report










For More Information

To learn more about the DevvESG platform, or to discuss how we can help guide your organization through the process of implementing a world-class ESG program, please contact Devvio's ESG team: (