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Plastic Ocean

Plastic Village

Transforming ocean plastics into sustainable housing.

DevvESG has developed a sustainable ecosystem that will help deliver electricity, food, water, shelter, and lighting—all of which is carbon-negative—to developing communities around the world, while removing millions of tons of debris from our oceans and waterways.


How It Works

  • 1 million tons of collected plastic can build 166,000 homes with an average family of 5 in each house to provide a completely sustainable community for over 800,000 people.
  • The cycle starts with Ocean's Integrity removing plastic from our oceans and waterways by partnering with local communities and providing paid employment.
  • Recovered plastic is crushed into aggregate and used to make plastic bricks for the construction of new homes.
  • Houses made from plastic bricks are more energy efficient due to the insulating properties of the compressed plastic, are healthier due to resistance to mold and bacteria, more earthquake-resistant, and require fewer natural resources (e.g., trees, water) to create.
  • LED Green Light provides energy-efficient lighting for the homes.
  • To deliver energy to inhabitants, we use LoCoal’s “Rainmaker” power units as well as next-generation solar panels from Chitendai. Rainmaker units burn trash and wood refuse, capturing the exhaust internally and freezing it into biochar rather than releasing it as an airborne effluent. This biochar is then used as fertilizer for farming or sold for funding.
  • Clean drinking water is provided by the Water Cube developed by Genesis Systems, which uses ambient air to create potable water while simultaneously removing CO 2 from the atmosphere.
  • Each local government participates in our projects to provide land for the community as well as to certify carbon credits produced by the community’s sustainable systems and processes.
  • Our solutions are nearly cost-neutral, with funding originating from a collection of partners, DevvESG Streaming, biochar sales, and greenbonds.
  • This project encompasses the entire spectrum of E-S-G: environmental impact from removing plastic and CO 2 and not adding to the problem; social impact from providing local jobs, funding, and homes; and governance of the entire project through DevvESG. This is what happens when you get serious and leverage the power of the DevvESG platform to bring the world’s ESG ecosystem together.
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