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Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Value Chain

Get comprehensive data on scope 3 impact from your suppliers, vendors, employees, citizens and more

Supply chain (Scope 3) emissions may make up the majority of your total carbon footprint, but they are almost always beyond your control — making them difficult to track and even harder to address.

How do you engage your value chain to get you the information you need for your own calculations? How do you engage your employees or in the case of a municipality, your citizens?

DevvESG Value Chain answers these questions and gives you the comprehensive look at your value chain with complete guidance for your suppliers, employees, citizens, and more.

A Comprehensive Look at Your Entire Value Chain

DevvESG takes you all the way from corporate and city projects through your entire supply chain and vendors to employees and citizens. No matter what your focus for Scope 3 Value Chain we've got you covered. Are you ready to get serious?


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Finally, a serious product that gives you the visibility you need into your value chain's impact and a product your suppliers will get value from as well.

Engage Your Value Chain

Customizable web portal, allowing the platform to be fully branded and tailored to address each participant’s unique supply chain and vendor ecosystem. Secure storage of all progress and information using the DevvX blockchain, allowing seamless delivery to trusted parties.

Get the Data Automated guidance and built-in questionnaires to help suppliers and vendors provide relevant information and/or engage in initiatives and projects that yield required data.
Work with the Data Comprehensive dashboards showing the current status of all suppliers and vendors in their progress toward Net Zero, including their individual impact on overall Scope 3 emissions reduction efforts.
Act on the Data Corporate reporting tools that simplify the process of bringing relevant data together in a clear, easy-to-interpret format. Integration with third parties, allowing participant organizations to offer guidance to their employees or constituents regarding positive actions they can take.

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